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November 30, 2013

More mods!!

Performed a bit more work on the Leaf over the last few weeks. A major change was the addition of snow tires for the winter, I'm running Hankook I-cept EVO's in a 215/50-17 size (factory tire size)on the 17X7.5" front G35 wheels are all four corners. I stuck with the G35 wheels because I already had two from the original set I purchased when I replaced the factory 17's and the 7.5" wide wheels were half a pound lighter than the 8" wide wheels. The disappointing part of all of this is that the snow tires themselves still weighed enough so that the snow tire/wheel combo is heavier than the 8" wide wheels with the LRR Michelins, a little over two lbs heavier!!!! Which did end up affecting my power consumption/range. I'm hoping once the snow tires "wear in" the power consumption goes down. I'll write a review after we get our first snow up here.

Another addition is a set of 35 Watt HID fog lights. I used a standard H11 replacement kit with the superlight plastic igniter/ballast combo. Installation was a breeze, unfortunately the factory fog light housings aren't that great so while the light output has been improved visibility from the drivers seat is still about the same as with the halogen bulbs. About the only improvement comes in the form of being able to light up the reflective truncated domes you find on the highway during poor weather conditions from a farther distance!




I still have many more mods/upgrades on my to-do list. I've got a minor cosmetic update I'd like to perform over the next month and replacement of the 12 volt battery is in the works. I've also been working on trying to get the NISMO chip upgrade from Japan, the dealers have been very unsupportive and not helpful at all so I plan to call corporate soon to see if I can get someone's attention.

I have to also say how much I love this car. It's a pretty amazing little machine, I know the technology may not be the most cutting edge but I'm simply amazed at how well the car holds up to what I've been throwing at it. If you haven't driven a Leaf yet you should do so as soon as possible!!




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